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Deep Tissue often carries the reputation of being 'too firm' or 'painful'. But a true deep tissue massage is simply working with the body to slowly access varying depths of soft tissue. A painful massage can actually be counterproductive to the goal of tension relief. Working slowly through tissue and allowing the body to adjust is the best way to achieve relief without causing pain. 

Our Signature Deep Tissue offers an experience that combines focused, detail work with the relaxation necessary to relieve chronic and acute pain. 


Deep tissue, by nature, is a slower massage, affecting a deeper, more focused relief. 60 Minute sessions may only address one to two problem areas. If relief is needed for multiple areas, please choose a session 75 Min. or longer.

Recommended for those seeking pain and tension relief. This treatment is NOT recommended for those seeking extra firm pressure. Our Signature Deep Tissue still uses firm pressure, as needed, throughout treatment length but generally ranges from medium-firm.

Head Massage

Signature Deep Tissue

Manage pain, injuries & general tension

60 Minute

Choose for an evenly distributed full body massage, OR a very focused upper/lower body massage.

$100           $75

   With Jackie            With Eric

75 Minute

Choose for a full body massage with a little extra focus work on 1-2 problem areas. 

$125             $90

With Jackie             With Eric

90 Minute

Choose for a full body massage with a heavy focus on multiple problem areas. Plenty of time to thoroughly work problem areas while still receiving a well rounded full body treatment.

$150              $105

With Jackie              With Eric

+3% for all Card payments

Soft, flowing massage strokes address the body's superficial layers creating a dreamy experience that will leave you feeling pampered & worry-free.


This treatment is more suited to those seeking  full-body relaxation, where as deep tissue aims to work on specific aches & pains. This adaptation  of a Swedish massage will work to bring a gentle, therapeutic touch to the face, head, & neck, shoulders, back, & glutes, hands, legs, & feet.

Firm pressure is not used in these treatments. Please choose either Deep Tissue treatments to address strictly upper or lower body pain/tension. Swedish Relax is only offered as a full body treatment.

Pressure point massage 2

Swedish Relax

A dreamy treatment to melt away stress

60 Minute

Choose for an evenly distributed full body massage.

$100        $75

    With Jackie       With Eric

75 Minute

Choose for a full body massage with a little extra time to spend on scalp, face and/or feet.

$125        $90

With Jackie       With Eric

90 Minute

Choose for ultimate relaxation. A full body treatment with ample time to spend on areas of minor tension as well as scalp, face and feet.

$150        $105

With Jackie       With Eric

+3% for all Card payments

First Time Clients

Please read before booking

Don’t forget to complete your Online Intake Form BEFORE arriving to your scheduled appointment. 

Click Here to complete OR view your email confirmation received upon booking to access the Intake Link. 

Never had a massage before?
Here’s what you can expect.

Can't seem to get enough pressure? Have you often left the massage table wishing more time was spent on those “perma-knots”?

Choose this treatment to focus  exclusively on problem areas, utilizing a thorough and detailed technique to pinpoint and strip away chronic tension. 

This technique is not offered as a full body treatment due to the level of effort and sustained pressure required by your therapist. Pricing for this service reflects therapist skill and finger strength needed to achieve desired results.

Neck Massage

Precision Deep Tissue

Our firmest pressure for chronic pain and tension

60 Minute

Often chosen as an upper or lower body focused massage. Generally addresses 1-2 problem areas.


75 Minute

Generally addresses 2 or more problem areas in detail, usually focusing on upper or lower body.


90 Minute

Address 2 or more problem areas in a full body treatment or spot treat as needed, generally in a very thorough upper or lower body focus.




*With Jackie Only

+3% for all Card payments

A clothed, or semi-clothed, Seated massage integrating deep tissue and Swedish techniques into a 30 or 45 minute treatment to bring immediate & recognizable pain & tension relief. This treatment is best suited for those seeking relief from tension caused by repetitive motion, injury, and/or chronic & acute pain, or for those just looking for the most amount of relief in the shortest amount of time. Expect to bring a loose fitted tank top or camisole to wear during this seated treatment, or choose to wear one of our adjustable terry-cloth upper-body wraps. Oil or lotion may be used for this treatment.


**This is an In-Office service taking place at our Fairview location. Only bookable with Eric.

Chair Massage_edited.jpg

Pain Relief Chair Massage

A quick fix for targeted relief

30 Minute

Choose for a very targeted treatment to back, neck and shoulders.


45 Minute

In addition to back, neck, and shoulders,

this treatment may include arms and hands.


+3% for all Card payments

Booking Policies

Please read before booking

*All scheduling does require a credit
card to be held on file safely and securely by our booking site. It is NOT immediately charged by booking.
Cash, an alternate card or a gift certificate may be used instead at time of check out following your scheduled treatment. You may opt to check out with the card you have on file when preferred.

Cancelling within 4-24 hours of a scheduled appointment will incur a fee 50% of service value.


No-shows and appointments cancelled within 4 hours of service will incur a fee 100% of service value.

Holding a card on file ensures our therapists' time is valued.

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