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Our schedule might be full, 
but  we  know  plenty  of  local professionals ready to help!

Here are our recommendations:


Boise Acupuncture
Jacob Rosenbaum, LAc.

Wellness Center of Boise
Collin Struble, DC CME
Massage therapy
Extra firm pressure

Boise Advanced Therapeutics
Jessica King, LMT

Hybrid Health
Tyler Recla, LMT
Massage therapy
Jackie’s favorites

Breathe Again Healing
Teah Cocozzo, LMT

Body Epiphanies
Brandon Trean. LMT
Massage therapy

Intuitive Womb Massage Therapy 
Megan Doyle, LMT

Hybrid Health
Michaela or Christy

Indian Creek Therapeutics
Jaiden Bohanan
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