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About Us

Deep Tissue Boise is your local, fully licensed massage therapy practice. Passion, dedication, knowledge and experience help make Deep Tissue Boise the best place to promote healthy bodies and minds, practicing the safest and most physically effective treatments.


Since finding the right therapist can often include a series of trial and error, our goal is to help limit that frustration and disappointment by offering custom, personalized treatments, specializing in deep tissue, to address your needs. Every treatment works to affect immediate and recognizable structural change to an imbalanced body. Deep Tissue Boise believes in the power of a massage treatment that offers both relaxation and relief, the body needing both to heal and adjust to treatments properly.

Deep Tissue Boise offers an experience that includes customer satisfaction and service, a beautiful, quiet and relaxing wellness environment, and most importantly, safe, effective massage treatments. Our original Progressive Treatment Plan is one of a kind, offering you the tools and education to optimize communication and treatment time with your therapist.

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Meet Your Therapists

Welcome, massage friends!

I'm so happy you were able to find me and my work.

I started Deep Tissue Boise in 2015 after completing my massage program at the Milan Institute. I am so grateful to have been able to work with so many amazing clients over the years.

The best part of my work is witnessing the often immediate relief it can bring to those suffering both chronic and acute pain. My style of Deep Tissue focuses on delivering pin-point detailing while

accessing the specific muscles involved in

common pain patterns. I think we've all, unfortunately, had that massage that doesn't really address the problem that we took the time and spent the money to relieve. Many of us have also had that massage that used way too much pressure or none at all.

By using deep tissue that actually pin-points each muscle, I am, very often, able to bring the relief that is needed without having to apply unnecessary or painful amounts of pressure.


My goal in every session is to find that balance between a relaxing "feel good" massage and something more clinical bringing that "good hurt" we all love. But everyone has their own preferred massage style and that's why I created the online intake form that is our signature 

Progressive Treatment Plan, to help clients describe and narrow down the style that works best for them. Feedback is encouraged during and after each session to ensure an experience that is custom tailored to your needs.

I'm so looking forward to working with you! Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns via Text or Email.

-Jackie K.


Eric K.

Eric studied at the Milan Institute for massage therapy and graduated in 2022. He also specializes in deep tissue, bringing firm and detailed pressure to back, neck and shoulders. 

Eric also offers chair massage in 30 and 45 minute sessions for those seeking quick, focused treatments, and even coordinates workplace chair massage events.

Visit our Chair Massage page here to learn more about Eric’s work place events and bringing relief to the office!

Eric at Deep Tissue Boise
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