Infectious Conditions & Contagions Policy

Your therapist is informed about infectious illness and skin conditions and routinely practices to protect himself/herself and others from the spread of disease.

However, any person who is experiencing abnormal or uncontrollable secretion or excretion of bodily fluids such as bleeding, vomiting, or diarrhea, should not receive a massage until the condition is resolved.

Any person who has a contagious condition including, but not limited to, strep throat, flu, chicken pox, measles, staph infection, or an infectious skin condition such as impetigo AND cold sores, should not give or receive a massage until the condition is no longer contagious. Please reschedule your massage appointment if you are experiencing any symptoms commonly associated with any contagious condition.

Locations of Common & Plantar Warts should be pointed out to your therapist prior to your massage. Informing your therapist of these conditions will stop the spread of these conditions to other parts of your body, your therapist, as well as other clients.

Your therapist will use disposable gloves, a finger cot or adhesive bandage if the skin on her hands is not intact due to cuts, burns, abrasions, chapping, or damaged cuticles. Your therapist may even opt to use disposable, latex-free, gloves at all times during your massage in order to decrease the likelihood of contracting unknown infections and contagions.

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